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The DMIT report tells parents whether their child learns better by ‘seeing, hearing or doing’ (visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner), whether he has high or low inborn learning capacity (short-term memory ), how long it takes for his mind to process information and so on. Finding  dominant type of intelligence (there are eight listed ones, including linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic, musical, naturalist, inter-personal and intrapersonal ) can help parents give their child a good “head start”.If a child is good at communication but bad in logical analysis, he can be a trainer, teacher or lawyer. But if parent starts working towards improving logic at an early age, more doors will open for the child in the future.


Every Child is Gifted but many parents have not opened the Gift yet.

 Do you want to open your child’s GOD gift? If Yes, we can help you through DMIT TEST.

“Now be a happy and stress-free parent.”

Do you Know ?

  • The pattern of fingerprint are the way to find absolute truth of a child’s inborn talent
  • Every child is unique & born Genius
  • Every child has 8 – types of intelligence
  • The real difference between child’s INTEREST & INTELLIGENCE
  • What is your child’s PLS (Personal Learning System)
  • Is your child Left Brain Thinker or Right brain Thinker?
  • How to apply Multiple intelligence theory for your
  • child’s Brain Development?

DMIT will help you to find out…

  • Inherent Potential of the Brain
  • Child’s PLS (Personal Learning System)
  • Distribution of Multiple Intelligence
  • IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ & SQ
  • Stress Management Activity
  • Career Selection

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