DMIT Test is available for any age group. But ideally students above 10 years can undergo the test. The test helps to evaluate, logical mathematical intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, intra personal intelligence and many other talents of your child that you have not evaluated ever. Remember, every child is unique. Two children of a same mother have different intelligence. It may possible that one is very brilliant in studies and another is in extracurricular. Talent of a child cannot be evaluated unit you don’t know his/her strength, interest and learning behaviour.
One of the most famous ways to test intelligence of a child is an IQ test that seems inappropriate because it uses only maths, logic and language as a base to test the IQ level. It overlooks other talents like interpersonal skill, music, sport, verbal etc…
The dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence analysis can be taken right after the birth of a child because the ridge patterns start developing in the womb and are fully developed by the 4th month of pregnancy. You can able to know your child intelligence during his early stage of life. It gives you sufficient time to think and plan over his career according to his interest and level which sounds exciting.

Benefits of DMIT Test
→To know the real talent of your child.
→Real brain ability of the child.
→knowing the interest of the children.
→What learning style does your child like (visual,Auditory,Kinesthetic).
→Helps your child for selection the right field.
→Helps teachers to teach the students according to their learning capacities.

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