DMIT Process and Report automation software in Hyderabad


  • First of all learn how DMIT can help you discover your / your child’s inborn talents and weaknesses and how it can help your child to achieve success and happiness in life. For complete details contact your nearest FINGER IMPRESSION centre.
  • Then ATD angle of the palm will be measured.
  • The next step is scanning of 10 finger prints. Our finger print experts will scan the finger prints of the person whose report is to be done.
  • After this, it will take 1 week for the report to be prepared.
  • Once the report is prepared, you will be given 45 minutes to 1 hour of counseling. In this counseling session, our expert counselor will explain you the entire report along with important suggestions like… to minimize the weaknesses of the child, how to focus on his/her talents to achieve success, how to use the strengths to minimize the effects of weaknesses, which career field will be suitable keeping in mind the inborn talents and abilities etc, how to communicate with the child / person getting the report done to get the best results etc.

You are welcome to have another session with our expert counselor if you have any queries in the future

For more details:

Call / Whatsapp : +91-9542129164

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