January 2, 2019

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I am very Happy to say that I am now delivering Pre-Recorded Video classes Training in addition to Online and Corporate training programs. You can access these classes from anywhere and any time. You can attend any number of times which raises your confidence level.

Please make the payment today and send me the screen shot to whatsapp +91-9985098081.

We provide download study material.

Once we received payment then we share link to your Gmail account.

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Course contents:

Java Basics

  • Identifiers in java
  • Variables in java(static & non static variables)
  • Datatypes in java,Methods,Method Overloading
  • Learn how to take input from user by using Scanner class in java
  • Inheritance and types of Inheritance
  • Uses of super keyword and method overriding
  • Super Keyword in java
  • Date class in java

Abstraction in java

  • Abstract classes in Java
  • Interfaces & Multiple Inheritance

Access Specifiers in java

  • What are Access Specifiers? How to use them?
  • Task on access specifiers


  • What is String Literal and String Object?
  • String methods
  • StringTokenizer class

Exception handling in java

  • What is an Exception? What are Exception handling keywords?
  • Types of Exceptions
  • Multiple catch blocks

Java.io package

  • Introduction to java.io
  • File copying using Buffers
  • How to copy two source files into one file?

GUI Programming using AWT & Swings

  • Introduction to AWT
  • How to create a frame using AWT?
  • Event handling in AWT
  • Introduction to swings and why swings are better?
  • Example of JColorChooser class in swings
  • Gui application using WindowBuilder Plugin in eclipse (drag and drop components)

Multithreading in java

  • What is Multithreading , Thread and Process?
  • Why process is called as heavy weight?
  • How to create a thread? what is Thread life cycle?
  • Important methods of Thread class
  • Program to create a Thread
  • What is Thread Synchronization? Example of railway reservation problem

Collections Framework

  • What is a Data structure?
  • Different ways to read a Data Structure? what is Enumeration?
  • What is ListIterator ?
  • What is ForEach Loop ?
  • What is HashTable ?
  • What is Stack Data structure?
  • Difference between ArrayList & Vector ?

What you will get?

All the recorded videos of core java+practice programs+interview questions

The below is the screenshot of study material(contains programs,power point presentation of each concept)


















Below is the sample screenshot of contents present inside each folder